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We are now serving San Miguel de Allende
Our Indian menu comes with an exotic-mystical taste, using healthy and rich aromatic spices from the Sub-continent, which undoubtedly makes a difference. Our entire concept and vision is based on "Eat fresh and tasty - Chef Nasim Insari".

Our delivery charges range from $40. to $60. pesos depening on the distance.
Cash is collected upon delivery. We are not accepting credit cards at this time.
Minimum order is: $250. pesos
Please note: This is not a full service operation. Some dishes maybe subject to availablity.
Your meal comes with with boiled rice and salad.
Food delivery is available 7 days a week. Lunch and dinner. 12pm - 9pm.

Frozen option
The following dishes are also available frozen. Simply take $30 pessos off the listed price.
Frozen dishes do not come with rice, salad or chutney.

Chicken Curry
Chicken Curry - $155.
Un plato popular en la India, pollo y champińón cocinado con especias de curry
A popular Indian dish, chicken and mushrooms cooked with authentic curry spices.

Lahori Chole
Lahori Chole - $125. (vegano / vegetariano)
Lahori Chole es un popular plato de garbanzo vegetariano de la ciudad de Lahore, Pakistan.
Lahori Chole is a popular vegetarian garbanzo dish from the city of Lahore, Pakistan.

Chicken Tikka Masala
Chicken Tikka Masala - $155.
Chicken tikka masala trozos de pollo rostizado y marinado en una salsa de cremosa.
Chicken tikka masala is cooked with chunks of roasted marinated chicken in a tomato creamy sauce.

Ghia Masala
Ghia Masala - $125. (vegano / vegetariano)
Calabalaza cocinada con especias tradicionales de Pakistan.
Zucchini cooked, using traditional spices from Pakistan.

Chicken Vindaloo
Chicken Vindaloo - $155.
Uno de los platillos mas populares de Goa, India. Preparado con una salsa picante a base de jitomate.
One of the most popular dish originating from Goa India. It is based on spicy tomato puree.

Alu Palak
Saag Alu - $125. (vegano / vegetariano)
Súper saludable, 100% vegana. Coliflor cocida con papas en especias asiáticas tradicionales. Viene con arroz y salsa picante.

Chapaties available everyday

Naan Roti
Chapaties - Pan tradicional: $100. (pack of 12, frozen)
Puede pedir pan tradicional a un costo adicional.
You can order naan roti at additional cost. $25. pesos each.
* Simply heat these in a frying pan.

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